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English Antiques | Jas A Gundry, Inc.

Jas A Gundry offers an exquisite collection of antique English furniture of exceptional design. These rare, elegant antique pieces come from...

Oriental Antiques | Jas A Gundry, Inc.

Oriental antiques capture the imagination in ways that other antiques simply cannot. The culture from which these antiques originated...

Continental Antiques | Jas A Gundry, Inc.

The rich history of the continent of Europe provides collectors with a beautiful range of Continental antiques dating back hundreds of years.

Our diverse selection of striking Oriental antiques is perfect for your collection

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At Jas A Gundry, we believe in history. We believe that beautiful antique furniture, jewelry, porcelains and other items would have amazing stories to tell if they could, and love to imagine the lives that these beautiful pieces have led. That is why we are so passionate about antiques. Our gorgeous antiques make stunning additions to museum collections worldwide, and add something special to the decor of contemporary homes and offices.

Jas A Gundry specializes in amazing 18th and early 19th century classic furniture and antique decorative accessories, with a distinctive touch of history. We offer exquisite antiques from the Georgian, Continental and Oriental periods in our quaint location in Houston, Texas. Offering rare architecture and subtle, intricate designs of historic times, our antique products display the unique, timeless appeal of sophistication, elegance, and glamour.

We have a broad range of historic English antiques, including beautiful Georgian furniture as well as pieces from the Queen Anne and Regency periods. Our classic European furniture collection makes for great additions to your home or personal antique collection.

Jas A Gundry is also able to offer gorgeous Oriental antiques including beautiful Chinese furniture and antique lamps, and we are one of the world’s most unusual providers of antique Chinese furniture. Our pieces display traditional, intricate and stunning Oriental designs, giving a great insight into 18th century Oriental culture. We have a huge variety of Oriental antiques to cater for collectors.

Whether you are looking for Oriental, English, or Continental antiques, we have an excellent selection to choose from. View our beautiful collection online or at our Houston, TX location. The knowledgeable and friendly Jas A Gundry team will be more than happy to answer questions about our antique pieces, and we hope to hear from you soon.